All of us in the UK are all too aware of the challenging economic times facing many of us. Many people are been made redundant and any chance to change our fortunes is always welcome.

For many of us scratchcards are still an affordable way to still have a flutter and win life-changing jackpots.

This is exactly what happened to 43 year-old factory worker Lisa Hewitson from Amble who won the £100,000 top prize on the National Lottery Cash Multiplier Scratchcard.
This fortuitous win could not have come at a better time as it was only  last month that the mother of two was made redundant form her job at a fish factory.

An understandably delighted Hewitson said,” I’ve had a run of bad luck over the last couple of years, having been made redundant twice – the second time on Friday 13. When I found out that I had lost my job I didn’t know how I was going to manage.”

This dramatic change from despair to absolute joy is happening more and more with scratchcards as they are known to provide the most cost effective way to chance your luck and at the same time they are statistically one of the higher paying out gambling formats.

Hewitson said she normally buys a National Lottery Scratchcard quite often but has never won more than a few pounds. On the day that she bought the lucky scratch card ticket she was with her daughter and even joked that this could be her lucky day. At first Hewitson could not believe her lucky fortune and made her daughter check the winning scratch ticket.

Hewitson’s partner works on a rig off the coast of Aberdeen but before the lucky win this was not enough and Hewitson had already been looking for a much needed job. When she first showed her partner the winning scratch card ticket, he was sure that they were joking with him.

Thanks to Hewitson’s National Lottery Scratchcard winnings she now plans on paying off her mortgage, renovating her house and taking her partner Colin Connor on a dream visit to Graceland in Memphis as he is a devoted Elvis fan.

Lotteries are a great way to win life-changing jackpots and whether you choose the traditional lottery outlets or online lottery services, you are always giving yourself a chance to be the next champagne sipping winner.

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