It is hard to believe that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have only been around for a couple of years. However the impact these devices are having on the way we live is growing by the day. Wherever you look today, there are people tapping away at their tablets and smartphones.

This is no different for the online scratch card player. The evolution of the scratchie from the traditional ticket, to the online version and now to themobile scratchcardis truly revolutionary. To think that not too long ago the only option to purchase scratch tickets was to go and physically purchase them.

While Apple and Samsung are the dominant players in the tablet industry, there are some competitors like Amazon with their Kindle Fire tablet who have managed to make an impression in this ever competitive market.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet was so successful that there are reports in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg that are already working with component suppliers in Asia with the aim of testing a brand new smartphone under their brand. have been quick to realize the potential of the mobile device market and there are reports that their new smartphone could start production by the need if this year.

Amazon marketed their Kindle at prices that were significantly lower than Apple’s $500 which made their Kindle Fire an excellent seller for people looking for affordable yet good quality tablet devices. Their market price of $199 proved a winner for them. Their plans were to sell the Kindle at a loss even with the aim of them recuperating their losses through the selling of digital content.

Like the much anticipated iPhone 5, the proposed Amazon smartphone is rumored to feature a screen of at least 4 inches in size in order to compete with Samsung’s new Galaxy S III and the future iPhone 5.

With the smartphone market growing exponentially this technology sector is one of the hottest markets in the global technology sector. According to reports from global research companies like IDC, global shipments of smartphones are set to grow by 38.8% reaching a mind boggling 686 million units this year alone!

If Amazon’s Kindle Fire is anything to go by, their proposed smartphone could give Apple and Samsung a run for their money.

Whether you choose to use smartphones to play your scratch cards or prefer the traditional pastime of purchasing them, the classic scratchcard playing format has managed to stand the test of tome. There are few gambling options that manage to keep up with the latest technology trends while at the same time providing traditional scratch game players the chance to enjoy their classic format.

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