The mobile online gambling market has taken off due largely to mobile devices such as Tablets and smartphones.The online scratch card market has managed to capitalize on the boost in sales of smartphones and tablets.All major online scratch card sites offer their online scratch cards on their mobile online gambling apps.
Online scratch cards are the ideal partner for the mobile online devices as they are highly popular worldwide and their format could not be simpler.

According to many analysts Amazon’s Kindle Fire could become the main competitor for Apple’s iPad.According to analyst Jordan Rohan he has changed his previous estimates of Kindle Fire sales from 5 million to 6 million units sold during the fourth quartet of 2011.

Rohan wrote to investors that Kindle has made a significant impression on the market due largely to Amazon’s large loyal customer base and low pricing structure. Rohan is not alone in this optimistic forecast.

Barclay’s analyst Anthony DiClemente is another analyst that has increased his estimate of Kindle Fire sales from 4.5 million units to 5.5 million units.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has managed to capture a broad base of the market of customers who are looking for a good quality and cheap tablet device. The Kindle Fire is Android-based and comes with a 7-inch screen which includes support for many of Amazon’s integrated services such as Prime Instant Video and Kindle e-books.The attractive price of $199 is a lot cheaper than the cheapest iPad model.

The Kindle Fire had an impressive quarter but they will be hard pressed to compete with the iPad who Apple announced that it sold over 15.43 million iPads during the fourth quarter of 2011.

This was a massive 111% increase over 2010. Those impressive statistics helped Apple secure over 57.6 percent of the tablet market last quarter. These impressive figures ensure that Apple is easily outselling their Android counterparts who hold a 39.1 percent share.

If the figures of Rohan are accurate it would mean that the Kindle Fire made up over half of the total Android tables shipped last quarter.

Scratch card players have never had it so good with the ability to scratch and win whenever and wherever they choose.

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