The U.S. online gambling market has never been so active especially in light of the recent milestone by the State of Nevada in which the first online gaming licenses were issued to Bally Technologies and IGT.
This of course has got many online scratch card and poker fans in an upbeat mood as the possibility of legalized internet scratchiesand poker are an imminent reality. It seems that the only question is when scratch card players will be able to enjoy a flutter online in the U.S. and not if. The other central question is if the Federal Government will take control of legalizing online gambling or whether each individual states will need to take the initiative.

Understandably many other gambling giants around the world are eager to add their names to legal online gambling operators. In order to joint his exclusive club many overseas operators are partnering up with local U.S. gaming companies in order to set themselves up for when online gambling becomes legal in all U.S. states.

We have reported extensively on major U.S. companies allying themselves with overseas operators. Gaming giants like Wynn Industries and MGM Resorts International are just a few which have read the writing on the wall. Whether it’s online poker or scratchies, the possibilities are endless with in light of the latest developments in the U.S.

The latest gambling powerhouse to join the race is 888 Holdings groups who have just signed an agreement with Illinois- based WMS gaming who are leading manufacturers of slots machines and software which power casino gaming operations.

In terms of the agreement WMS will start marketing and distributing 888’s online poker solution throughout the United States to land-based casinos.
At first this offering will be in the form a free-to-play option with the ultimate aim of implementing a real-money option as soon as more U.S. states formally legalize online gambling.

Both WMS and 888 have already applied for gaming license in the State of Nevada through the State Gaming Control Board who have already started issuing gaming licenses.

This partnership between overseas operators and American based companies is essential in order to capitalize on the expertise of overseas operators and the knowledge and current customer bas of existing American gambling interests.

Chief Executive of 888, Brian Mattingley summed p the thought process behind the partnership agreement,” WMS is one of the main gaming suppliers in America, with a network of relationships with land-based operators that is second to none. The combination of 888’s cutting edge online poker platform and WMS’s customer relationships, marketing and distribution capabilities, provides the opportunity to build a substantial online presence. By deploying our joint online poker solution, casino operators in the United States will be able to provide their customers with a robust and secure network with the liquidity and games offering to give the best possible player experience.”

888’s online poker solution is just the tip of the ice berg in terms of what we can expect to see in the upcoming months. While many states are wary to take the plunge into the online gambling arena, many see this as a golden opportunity for softer forms of gambling like scratch cards.

While many states face opposition from religious and traditional groups who fear the negative impact gambling could have, the argument could be made for introducing less addictive and much more affordable gambling options lie that of online scratch cards.

888 themselves are the parent company of 888games which are specifically aimed at providing a gentler and softer avenue to gamble online. They  for instance offer many instant win scratch cards and slots games which are a great gateway for millions who do not have the option or expertise to play sophisticated online games.

The beauty of online scratchacards lies in their simplicity. You will be hard pressed to find a corner of the globe where the classic scratchcard is not available .This in conjunction with its’ global playing format could be the ultimate online gambling option for those U.S. states looking to tread with caution into the online gambling arena.

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