888.com’s “Love Pond” ScratchCard Game

Love Pond is a hilarious online scratch card that is based on the Prince Charming fairy tale. In this scratch card you are presented with some ugly looking frogs and a beautiful Princess.

The aim of this colorful and original scratch card is simple. You as the Princess have to blow a kiss to one of the ugly frogs in the hope that one of them will run into Prince charming where you will win the prize indicated.

To start scratching and winning is simple as just hit play and choose your lucky frog. Should you choose correctly you could not only walk away with Prince Charming himself but also win the £1000,000 Grand Jackpot Prize on offer.

With betting starting at a low £0.25 and with a maximum of £10, this light hearted scratch card game is a must for all.

The graphics are great and provided me with hours of amusing scratch card entertainment. All in all this is an appealing scratch card which can reward you handsomely.

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