Mobile Smartphone technology is speeding up our online scratchcard playing experience. Major smartphone manufacturers are employing cutting edge 4G technology which is changing the world of mobile scratch card apps.

It has never been so easy and fast to get online and start winning instant cash on your latest scratch game apps.
According to market research company NPD 4G handsets have nagged to capture over 35% of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2011 which is an increase of the previous year.

Scratch site operators have realized the necessity for developing user friendly and high quality mobile scratchcard apps.

Amongst smartphone sales HSPA+ captured 22% which was largely due to the major boost from the iPhone 4S which employed the latest 4G technology on AT&T’s network.

With the new release of Apples iOS 5.1 just release , iPhone users would have noticed the updated 4G AT&T logo n their phones.

LTE came in at second place with 7% of smartphone sales.

Whether you choose iOS, Android or Windows Mobile, there are top notch mobile scratch site apps that capture all the action packed scratch games directly to your mobile devices.

According to Ross Rubin, NPD executive director,” HSPA+, which has combined high throughput with practical power efficiency, has been a compelling evolutionary 4G upgrade option for carriers upgrading GSM networks.

With all major U.S. carriers committing to LTE as their 4G future, it is clearly the cellular network technology that will determine the baseline for the next generation of advanced smartphones.”

In terms of the top selling phones with $G technology, NPD pointed out the Apple iPhone 4S, HTC Evo, and the HTC Thunderbolt.

The pace at which mobile smartphone technology is progressing is having an unprecedented effect on the use of mobile scratch card games. It is becoming common practice for people to have a flutter on the latest scratchie whenever they so choose.

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